Best 5 GBA Emulators for iPhone & iPad

One of the most widely used game consoles is the GBA (Game Boy Advance), which took the place of the Game Boy Color. But you may now play the game without having to purchase it. You can enjoy playing GBA games on your iPhone if you’re an iPhone user.

All you have to do to play GBA games on your iPhone is download the GBA emulator software. However, there are a ton of GBA emulator apps available on the app store, making it quite challenging to choose the best one. We have the greatest options for you, so don’t worry that nobody will try every app individually.

After extensive testing, we have chosen a few of the top GBA emulators for you. Now that we have the list of the top GBA (Game Boy Advance) emulators for iOS available, let’s get started. Carefully consider each choice and select the one that best suits your needs.

Best 5 GBA Emulators for iPhone & iPad

1. GBA4iOS

One of the greatest and most widely used emulators for GBA games on iOS is GBA4iOS. The fact that you may use this GBA emulator without jailbreaking your device is the finest part about this program.

Everyone may use this emulator with ease thanks to its extremely user-friendly design. Additionally, you may sync all of your GBA game data using Dropbox.

Additionally, it has multiplayer support, so you may play GBA games with pals. However, you will need to use a third-party app shop in order to install this program; it cannot be installed straight from the app store.

2. Happy Chick

There are many games available for this emulator, including titles from the GBA, PSP, Nintendo 64, and other gaming systems. It supports controllers, much like the others, so you can play games more effectively.

One of the greatest selections of vintage games, including Super Mario, Pokemon, Street Fighter 97, Monster Hunter, and more, is available on this emulator. Don’t worry if you’re worried about your device’s security. All of these games work with an iPhone that hasn’t been jailbroken.

3. Retroarch

This emulator was created to give customers the greatest possible gaming experience across a variety of platforms, including iOS. Almost all iPhone users can use this emulator on their device because it can be installed on iOS9 or later.

The user can alter the game controls with this emulator to suit their tastes. It offers a wide selection of vintage games from several gaming systems, like the SNES, Nintendo Entertainment System, and others.

4. Delta Emulator

You may use this fantastic open-source GBA emulator for free. You may play games for the Game Boy Color, Nintendo 64, and other gaming consoles in this emulator in addition to GBA games.

Additionally, it supports a wide variety of gaming controllers, including Xbox One, PS4, PS5, and more, enabling users to play games on this emulator.

Similar to GBA4iOS, this emulator allows you to sync with Dropbox and Google Drive to store all of your data, game progress, and control settings. Cheat code engines like Action Replay, Game Genie, and Shark can help you have a better gaming experience.

5. DolphiniiOS

Though it lacks some features compared to other GBA emulators for iOS, this one still functions. Only games from the GameCube, Wii, and GBA are playable. You can try this emulator if all you want is some entertainment-focused games and no additional features.

This emulator’s primary feature is the ability to connect controllers and modify the on-screen controls. This app is simple to install on your iPhone without jailbreaking it.

In summary

You may quickly install these top GBA emulation apps for iOS on your iPhone without having to jailbreak it. Web-based emulators are another option if data security is a concern; they offer the same features as the app.

You won’t even have to worry about app revocation while using a web-based emulator. Please let us know in the comments area if you have any further ideas.

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